Hello XCOR here…

Yep, I’ve got it. The call from XCOR Space Expeditions, formerly known as SXC Space Expedition Corporation but now owned by XCOR Aerospace.

I have got some interesting news about the progress of the spacecraft development. The first commercial suborbital flights will happen in Q4 2015 and not surprisingly on Lynx Mark I which is capable of flying up to 60Km.

The spacecraft will be completed in a few months from now and after that they will immediately start with test flights. The good thing is that XCOR has a long list of successful rocket engine fires so I bravely assume that they will not have any serious issues. At least not with the engines. So I wish their engineers a very good luck and I really hope everything will go as planned.

However, if you want to be an astronaut, you need to cross the Karman line, the official boundary of space at 100km. Unfortunately, this will be possible only with Lynx Mark II, which will take at least 2 more years to build.


Happy 2015!

I am glad the XMAS fever is over.. It was nice but now I am tired from all the food, drinks, parties and xmas songs.

Anyway I am happy that January is here and I wish you a Happy, prosperous and healthy 2015!!!

The WIN !!!

Yess… I won the Dremel Space competiton!

It’s not everyday you win something. Winning a cycling race is a very pleasing experience but winning a trip to space is unbelievable. Wow! Thank you so much Dremel for giving me a chance to be a part of it!

I feel very lucky. I think Dremel must have difficult time choosing the winner since there were some really impressive works submitted. Lots of nice works and lots of creative ideas. For me, the best looking one was the 3D printed model from Ante Medic, Croatia. Extremely well done, from the scratch up. Designed on paper, modelled in 3D software and manufactured on home made 3D printer. Respect!

So, for me, it was worth playing with rocket models in my teenage and falling in love with carbon fibre material as a cyclist and space enthusiast.

Whats next? I have no idea… awaiting an email from Dremel 🙂



Weight does matter – building a second version

If you need to put something in space or even in the air, the weight must be taken seriously.

I was not satisfied with the weight of the first version. It was assembled from three layers of carbon fibre in the top part of the model and 4 layers in the bottom + wings. It resulted in nearly 300g heavy model.

Yesterday the new version has been moulded with using only 2 layers of fibre and cutting total weight in half – 145g! Thats what I call lightweight 😉 Do you agree? Post a comment and  VOTE FOR MY PROJECT !