The WIN !!!

Yess… I won the Dremel Space competiton!

It’s not everyday you win something. Winning a cycling race is a very pleasing experience but winning a trip to space is unbelievable. Wow! Thank you so much Dremel for giving me a chance to be a part of it!

I feel very lucky. I think Dremel must have difficult time choosing the winner since there were some really impressive works submitted. Lots of nice works and lots of creative ideas. For me, the best looking one was the 3D printed model from Ante Medic, Croatia. Extremely well done, from the scratch up. Designed on paper, modelled in 3D software and manufactured on home made 3D printer. Respect!

So, for me, it was worth playing with rocket models in my teenage and falling in love with carbon fibre material as a cyclist and space enthusiast.

Whats next? I have no idea… awaiting an email from Dremel 🙂




  1. Gongratulations Borja

    I was competing with the nick Lcdlo, i tend to be litlle weird with my builds, so i didn’t expect winning.. 🙂
    After reading your blog i wanted to build my own flying rocket, so it made me impression, well done!

    If its possible.. would you please send me a photo from space after your flight? My e-mail is

  2. Thanks mate!! If I am correct you have made a nice metal one right? For the photos.. Sure I will… when it happens. It might take a while since XCOR Lynx spacecraft is still in the phase of development. I don’t have any info about when they will start the flights but I am only guessing that this won’t happen before 2016. And I really hope I am wrong..

    Ps: I’m glad to hear I have inspired you to build a rocket 😉

  3. Congratulation Borja!
    I created the “Star-Horizon” Model. My philosophy was to create a 100% homemade model and to use the Dremel Micro in a creative way. I failed with this.
    I hope u will have a great Time!
    Hendrik / “Mechanic”

  4. Congratulation Borja!
    I created the Star-horizon! My philosophy was to create a 100% homemade model (because not everybody has got the chance to produce the model in a company) and to use the Dremel Micro in a very creative way. I and a lot of the other guys have failed with this.
    Hope you will have a nice trip.
    Hendrik alias Mechanic

  5. Hello,
    in my opinion the decision of the dremel Jury was / is not correct.
    Borjas project is made in a company with all the tools from the company.
    The Dremel Micro is not used in a serious way, if it was used…..
    The rocket is only a carbon pipe with flat easy Carbon wings. Not realy special for a person who is working for a company which produces carbon bike Frames. Also a rocket-booster from a modelshop was used.
    The Dremel Jury has been dazed by this Blog and the “detailed” Carbon model…..

  6. Hi Nick,
    Well, I do agree with you to some extent. In this competition, you could use everything to produce the spaceship. Some guys were using 3D printing, some were probably using CNC machines, have access to professional machinery and got professional skills.. The rules did not limit these possibilities. Actually quite a few projects were made in professional environments with non-affordable tools.

    Regarding my project, I believe there was nothing which could not be done in home workshop. The only unusual machine used was the composite vacuum pump. The other two tools used were the Dremel Micro and the Dremel 4000 (for creating the wooden model and cuting/sanding the laminated carbon).

    I am not a professional mechanical engineer, I am a computer guy and I don’t have any prior practical experience with carbon fiber and I don’t work in the bike-frame production company.
    However, I have quite a lot of experiences with model rocketry from my youth and I know quite a lot about carbon fiber since I am a cyclist where carbon is the dominating material.

    The rocket is not made out of carbon pipe, it is laminated out of carbon textile by using resin infusion technique. Actually two parts are created for the upper and one for the lower part with wings.
    It has quite a basic shape because I like the minimalist design and because the model is hand crafted out of wood and not 3D modeled, CNC-ed or 3D printed. Creating something more sophisticated would not be possible in such close deadline unless you have the knowledge of 3D CAD modelling and access to CNC facility or large 3D printer.

    The wooden model has been crafted by hand, partially with hand saw and partially with Dremel Micro and a lot of sanding paper. This wooden model I believe could easily be submitted as a final project. But I wanted more, I wanted to create a fully functional rocket and I wanted to get my hands dirty with carbon.

    The true challenge was to use the commercially available model rocket engine and get the weight as low as possible. The strongest rocket model engine has a max liftoff weight of 250g. And there is also a problem called The Deadline.

    I believe I have invested an extreme amount of energy into this project and luckily I was able to finalize it on the last day… and that’s I think Dremel appreciated.

    And why I won? Maybe because I really wanted to get a chance to fly up there. Maybe because I failed to get among the lucky 23 selected guys from the Axe Apollo Space Academy last year… and didn’t give up. And maybe because I am lucky that my friend Keppas Appostolos, the Axe Apollo and Dremel Space competitor from Greece, reminded me to enter this competition just a few days before the registration deadline.

    I believe many of us deserved this opportunity but unfortunately Dremel sponsored only one. For all of you who were into Dremel Space competition – don’t give up! There will be other competitions like this and if you really want it you will fly up there. Believe me, you will! I didn’t give up when I lost last year and I made it a year later!

  7. Hmm..

    I dind’t notice any parts made with cnc?
    I did my build from acid proof scrab metal from out neighbour companys dumbster. Did over 55 metal parts from 1–1.5mm thick sheets and welded them together with a tig. Cones i made from pipe, used screw bench and my hands for bending, three types of hammers, corner grinder, files and two types of dremel for cutting and shaping. Holes i drilled with an old drillpress.
    I wanted to make a build without fillers or paint.

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