The Project

The Minilynx is a project driven by my desire to travel to space. Don’t worry, I am not building a spaceship at least not for now. I am trying to win a trip to space by winning the Dremel prize.  If I win, I will be honoured to experience the space flight onboard XCOR Lynx spacecraft.  More about it on

Minilynx is a miniature model of reusable suborbital vehicle currently being developed by XCOR Aerospace. Their two seated spacecraft Lynx is designed to carry two people and a small amound of payload into lower orbit up to 104 km.

The main benefit of Lynx is that it is completely self sustainable – it can take off and land by itself without the need of booster rockets or airplane. It runs on kerozene and uses liquid oxygen as oxydizer. Fill it up with fuel and go!

The Minilynx model

Minilinx will be a small, 50cm long ultralight rocket powered model. Like its big brother, it is made out of carbon fiber to get as lightweight as possibble. It is powered by a small solid fuel rocket engine. The first version will behave just like a rocket – it will be launched with a rocket engine and landed with parachute. The second version is planned to be a RC controlled rocket plane.